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The amazing unit kills bacteria, germs and many airborne particles in the air column. With a tremendous amount of pollutants in our breathing air, this is a absolute must.  Can be used in your hotel room as well.


About Us and Our Promotions

Our Background


We are a small marketing company providing our guests with the very best vacation promotions in the area. We have been running these amazing events since 2003.

Be sure to visit unique vacation toy-product section that will make your getaway more enjoyable.  We are also proud to announce that we are now carrying Tiny Houses!

Showroom Locations


Vacation promotions can be found in the following locations. Simply click on the location closest to your residence:

Garner, NC

Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Ormond Beach, FL

Rock Hill, SC

San Antonio, TX

Deerfield Beach, FL

Kissimmee, FL

Kennebunk, ME

Pleasanton, CA

How the Promotions Work


These promotions are hosted by various travel clubs. Simply find the city listed in the left column that is closest to your residence or visiting area. 

Click on the city and fill out a form. 

We will contact you for a convenient time to come to the showroom in a group, interactive setting for a brief discourse on the latest trends in vacationing...That's it!

You are not required to buy a single thing...EVER.

This is NOT a timeshare promotion. 

Join Us and Receive Your Choice of a Paid Vacation Below:

6 Days and 5 Nights Incredible Resort Getaway.


You choose your destination from  dozens of available locations: Orlando,  Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, Branson, Gatlinburg and dozens more!  

Other locations include $100  dinner certificate.

For 2 adults.

Indian Rocks Beach: 8 night's paid

San Antonio includes $200 Prepaid Visa 

4, 5 or 7 Nights Caribbean Cruise


You choose the duration aboard one of our fabulous cruise lines: Norwegian, Royal Caribbean or Carnival.

Ports of call: The entire Caribbean!

This option includes $100 dinner certificate.

For 2 adults.

Round Trip Airfare + 3 Days-2 Nights Accommodations.


Round Trip Airfare with 3 Days and 2 Nights in a brand named, choice hotel.  Destinations are coast to coast; Miami, New Orleans, Houston, Las Vegas, Williamsburg and dozens more! (FL only)

Or simply choose 3 Days- 2 Night Stay which  includes $100 excursion for entertainment such as theme parks, shows, tickets ....Just about anything you choose to do while on your vacation.

This option also includes $100 dinner.

For 2 Adults

Questions About One of Our Promotions? Send us a Message!

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